Thursday, May 21, 2009

So easy a kid can do it- Purex 3-in 1 Review

Ever tried to get an eight year old to do laundry with liquid detergent. If you have then you know you can have a suds fest or no suds at all. The liquid soap can be all over the floor, the washer, the eight year old. Now some of you may have the perfect child that know exactly how to measure the detergent. If you do congratulations and tell me how you did it. Brookster loves to help but putting soap in the washing machine does not really work very well, until now.
Purex has created a new way of doing laundry. The Purex Complete 3-in 1 system. It is one sheet that serves as detergent while in the washer and then you place the same sheet in the dryer and it is a softener and anti-static sheet. This product was so easy to use Brookster washed a load of clothes. (I video taped it and was going to do my first vlog but she got upset about it being on the web so we are not using it.)

I asked her what she liked about it and she said that it was easy "you just throw it in but the scent made her sneeze" The sheets come in 3 fresh scents Spring Oasis, Tropical Escape and Pure and Clean. We had the Pure and Clean scent. Brookster did not like the smell but she has a lot of allergies so it bothered her allergies. If they ever make it in unscented we are getting it for sure.

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