Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lowes Build and Grow Program

This past Saturday I decided to take Brookster to the Lowes Build and Grow Program. It is a free program for kids where they learn to build things. They have different programs a couple of times a month. This past Saturday the kids got to build a planter for Mothers Day. The next clinic is May 23rd. The project is a Ready 2 Go Kit. According the website the project is about safety. On June 13th the kids can build a mini putting green for Daddy. Brookster can not wait for this one, since she plays golf all of the time. She says she may give it to her Coach. So, much for Fathers Day. Oh Well.

The clinics start at 10:00 and last about an hour. Each child that participates receives an apron, goggles, a kit and a badge that can be sewn on the apron. It is important to register so the store will have enough kits for each child. The store that we were at Saturday ran out of kits and had to turn kids away. It was so sad because some of the kids left crying. I highly recommend this if you have a Lowe's close to you.

On to Brooksters day:

She had never really built anything so she was very excited. Here she is waiting to start. She did not want to wear the goggles because they made her "ugly and did not go with her outfit" Oh boy! I explained the safety reasons for it an she kept them on but was protesting about them most of the time.
She did not like the goggles. She said they made her look ugly and did not go with her outfit. Don't really know what to say to that one. I had to explain the safety reasons behind them but she still was really buying it. She wore them because she could not do the project with out them but it was under protest. She did get into the project finally and forgot out them.

Here she is working on the project. They have instructions with the kit but the one thing that I did not like about it was they really did not help the kids very much. They expected the parents to read the directions and help the kids. Did they not know that not all Moms know how to build things. I was having a really hard time reading the instructions with the diagrams but I finally got them figured out and we got it finished. The only thing we did wrong was we got the sides on backwards so the flowers did not show up correctly. Brookster said that was fine because we did it ourselves. For this project they gave each child a gift card to add to the project to give to the mother's. They lady that was helping was so nice she took Brookster off to the side to give her the card because Brookster told her I could not see it yet. That was so sweet. The following pictures are the finished project. I have to say I think this will be a new Saturday activity on the days that they are offering it. I have already signed up for the next two kits.

Finished project:


  1. " She did not like the goggles. She said they made her look ugly and did not go with her outfit

    hahahaahahaha! girls!



  2. I love that your girl is such a little fashionista! I have one of those too.
    And that project is so cute!

  3. Lowes always has great programs! Looks like she had fun!