Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brookster can cook!!!!!

Today we had a first in our house. Brookster cooked Brownies. Now, Brookster has cooked some before but today she read the instructions on the box and did it all herself. All I did was put the Brownies in the oven and get them out. She was so proud of herself. Here she is reading the box. She read it out loud. I asked why she was reading it out loud and she stated that she needed to hear the instructions because she was used to me reading them to her.

She was so serious when she was was stirring. She could not wait to let her Mimi taste them. I do not like chocolate. I know everyone thinks that is crazy but I have never liked it. I have tired to like it but it just does not taste good to me. Brookster however could live on chocolate alone.

Brookster did so good she even cleaned up her own mess, which I thought was very good. Since she did so good today, she gets to pick out a meal this weekend and cook the meal for us. She has chosen mini taco's. She is going to look at the recipe, look at what ingredients she needs, check to see if we have it. If we don't have something she is going to put it on the list. She is so excited that she is going to cook the meal from beginning to end. I will let you know how the meal turns out this weekend. Here is how the brownies turned out.
I think it is very important to have her cook for many reasons. One of course,so she knows how to cook for a family that she is going to have one day. Another reason is the confidence that it gives her. You could just on her face how proud she was that she made the brownies with very very little help from me. Another is the time that we get to spend together. I knew that I was missing out on things working the hours that I was working but really did not know just how much I was missing until I stopped. I am enjoying my time with her so much. She has two weeks of school left and I am so excited about summer this year. I get to see everything first hand instead of having to hear it from Brookster and Mimi. Got to go plan all the fun summer things now.


  1. How wonderful that she is learning. I started my son young, too. He loved it!

  2. How wonderful! Love the pics of her looking like a young chef!!

  3. Great photos. I have two daughters. One loves to cook. The other not so much. Both love to bake and can taste the difference between homemade and boxed in a heartbeat LOL.

  4. oh thats so cute! And your right she looked SO serious! :)