Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mothers Day

I had the greatest Mother's Day yesterday. I hope all of you did as well. It started with breakfast in bed. A bowl of Apple Jacks. Brookster is so sweet. Then I got my presents. I just love presents especially when they are from Brookster.

First, I received my drawing. It says I heart you down both sides. She loves to draw. This one is going to be framed. I always pick one drawing that I love a little more than the others and frame it. She loves it that her pictures get framed like famous artists. Then she gave me a string of hearts. She stated that there were 8 hearts because she was 8 and it they stood for 8 reasons she loved me. ( cry starting here). She told me the eight reasons were

1. I always took care of her

2. I cooked for her

3. I hugged her when she felt sad

4. I magically made hurts go away

5. I leave her special notes in her lunch. ( I always write a note in her lunch box. Sometimes I just say I love you or sometimes if I know she is going to take a test or something I will tell her good luck. Did not know they meant so much to her until yesterday.)

6. I take her places

7. I play Wii with her

8. I am her Mommy.

Now, I would have been very happy with these presents but she brought out a bag, that had a little bag in it. The little bag held the following
Thanks to Mimi, she knows just how to top off my Mother's Day. Then we went to Logan's to eat lunch and I just enjoyed being with Brookster. I told her that I was lucky to have her as a little girl and without her there would not be a Mother's Day for me.


  1. Aw.. you did have a great mom's day. How sweet it is to have your child tell you WHY she loves you. Make sure you keep that forever. Esp when she is a teenager and into her twenties. lol
    Enjoy her! She's very special.