Thursday, June 11, 2009

"I Just Knew You Were Kin to Him"

I got this in the mail today and just had to share it with you. I do not know the author of this, it came in our church news letter today.

" I Just Knew You were Kin to Him"
There is a wonderful story about a woman in Birmingham who, on a cold winter morning saw a little boy standing outside a bakery. It was snowing and sleeting and the little boy was barefooted and had no coat. He was trying to warm himself with the air coming up from the bakery grating. The woman's heart went out to the boy. She couldn't stand seeing him shivering in the cold. She bought him a nice coat ans some shoes and socks. He thanked her and then asked her a surprising question:
"Lady, are you God's wife?" She was embarrassed by the question at first, but then she replied, "No, I'm not God's wife, but I am one of his children" The little boy grinned and said, " I knew it! I knew it! I just knew you were some kin to him" Can people tell by the way you live that you are one of God's children" That's something to think about, isn't it?


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