Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Clear Ears Water Absorbing Ear Plugs/ Review

Summer is here and that means a lot of swimming at our house. The swimming however always leads to swimmers ear too. Swimmers ear causes Golfergirl a lot of pain.

So I was very excited to get to review the ClearEars products from CircusHealthCare. These are ear plugs that you put in after swimming an it absorbs the water left in the ear from swimming. It could also be used after shower as well.

They come in a 5 pack plastic container that is very easy to put in the beach bag to take with you to the pool. The ear plugs are placed in the ears and wait 5 to 10 minutes and then remove them.

We have used them twice and so far we have not had to go to the Dr. for swimmers ear. I hope it keeps up. I will continue using these to keep her from the pain this summer.

Another plus of these is when you are finished using them cut them up and place them in the soil with potted plants. They absorb the water to help keep the soil moist.

Information from the company:

Water trapped in the ears after swimming or bathing can be very uncomfortable and may lead to ear problems such as Swimmer’s Ears. The revolutionary, patent pending, product, ClearEars, is a soft, comfortable earplug containing a FDA approved polymer which draws water from the ears.
  • Works fast in only 5- 10 minutes.
  • Safe for kids and adults.
  • More convenient than ear drops providing on the spot relief.
  • Earth friendly as ClearEars can be reused to help plants retain water. See package for details.
  • Alcohol free, dries and relieves.

Golfersmom and Golfergirl like this product. If you would like to buy ClearEars click here.

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