Saturday, December 19, 2009

Imagine Zookeeper Nintendo DS game Review

Golfergirl absolutely loves her Nintendo DS and I like it as well. She takes it on long car trips and that helps with the "Are We There Yet". I am very careful about which games she plays however and of course I would like her to play games like bingo at littlewoodsbingo. Yes, I am that overprotective mother that knows what games her daughter is playing but I do not think that is such a bad thing. I was thrilled when UBISOFT offered to let us review the new game Imagine Zookeeper.
Game Information
With Imagine® Zookeeper, young girls can take care of animal inhabitants in their very own wildlife preserve! Explore the grounds and take inventory of the different species, care for injured animals, and protect the preserve from poachers and pollution!

Key Features
Run a Wildlife Reserve —Players can build their own animal preserve while caring for its inhabitants and lead visitors on a fun tour of the park.
Exploration and Knowledge —Explore the preserve and inventory the different species as their individual needs. Girls can even take photographs to document the growth of baby animals!
Rescue —Rescue injured animals and nurse them back to health at the preserve headquarters.
Preserve the Territory —Prevent poachers from entering the preserve and learn to fight pollution to keep the park safe for all animals in Imagine Zookeeper.

Golfergirls Response:
I decided to ask Golfergirl some questions about the game to see how she liked it.

What do you like best about this game?
"I love the baby kolas and feeding it with a bottle. It was neat rescuing it and then feeding it"

What do you not like about the game?
" I like everything about the game. I do not like that poachers are trying to take my animals but that is just part of the game, I guess.

If there was one thing you would change about the game what would it be?
The Missions

What about the Missions would you change?
To make it not so hard to find the animals when I am trying to take the Safari photo's. It is hard to find all of the animals in the little time they give.

If there was something you could add to the game, what would it be?
To drive the jeep in where the cages are to see the animals.

Would you recommend this game to a friend?

Golfersmom thoughts on the game

I liked the way Golfergirl was so into this game. She talked about it while she was playing. It taught her how to set up her own animal reserve and to care for the animals. The one thing that she learned about that she did not know was about poachers trying to take her animals. They polluted the rivers and she had to clean it up. She asked what a poacher was, so we had the discussion of that. We looked up somethings online about them so would understand that poachers exist in real life not just on her game. I really like this game because it has taught her a lot about the reserves and what goes into taking care of one. I would recommend this game to anyone with a little girl that loves animals.

Buy it
If you would like to buy this game for your little animal lover, go here

Thank you Ubisoft for giving us this game to review

This game was given in exchange for a review. My thoughts and daughters thoughts are our own and was not influenced by receiving the game.


  1. Great review by you and your daughter! That looks like such a cute game!

  2. I've heard other great things about this game recently too! We don't have a video game console in our house, but if we did, this sounds like one we would enjoy! Maybe we can get it to play over at my sister-in-law's house. THat would be fun! Happy holidays!!

  3. PS Just signed up to follow your great blog! I found you on FFF at MBC. Have a super week. Would love to have you visit my place sometime too, if you have time.

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