Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Count Your Blessings Chicken Soup for the Soul Review

I love the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. When I received the latest one in the mail it made me smile.

We have been having a hard time with money and some health issues. This has been getting us down some so when this book came in it reminded me that we need to Count Our Blessings.
As always this book has the 101 stories of Gratitude, Fortitude and Silver Linings.

My favorite story is Homeward Bound written by Kathleen Norris.
Kathleen and her family had been through a lot her husband was going on disability. They were having to sell their house and that was hard for her. At the end of the story her house sold and they found a new house they liked. The statement at the end that I just love is where Karen states "Home is where the heart is"

This was very important to me since we have talked about moving out this house and moving in with my Mom due to the health bills, and the huge truck bill. I think we have it worked out now and will be able to stay in our house. That statement however helped me to be at peace with what ever decision has to be made,

If you would like to order this book you can go here

Thank everyone for reading my blog this year. I hope you have a wonderful new year,

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