Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Willy: Escape from Pirates Cove Review

I remember when the first Free Willy came out.  I loved that movie.  I was teaching third grade and the kids in my class decided they were going to create a save the whale fund.  Those kids impressed me by raising over 100.00 to the cause. So, when I heard that a new Free Willy movie was coming out I was thrilled.  I was even more thrilled when I was chosen to receive a review copy from Warner Brothers. Just by chance Golfergirl is in third grade this year. Might her and her friends get the same urge my third graders had.  Only time will tell.
Fans of the Free Willy series will cheer this exciting family film about a baby orca who needs a friend and a girl who finds the courage to help him.  After young Kirra (Bindi Irwin) leaves her Australian home to summer with her grandfather (Beau Bridges) in South Africa, she soon discovers a baby orca stranded in the lagoon near her grandfather's rundown seaside amusement park.  She names the lonely whale Willy and embarks on a quest to lead the little guy back to his anxious pod before her grandfather's greedy rival turns Willy into a captive, moneymaking attraction at his slick theme park.  A little girl, a little orca and big fun and adventure!

Golfergirls review of the movie:
The movie was great.  I loved the orca Willy.  The best part of the movie was when Kirra rode Willy.   I wish I could ride a whale someday.  It was sad when they wanted to keep Willy in a cage but then he found his family.

Golfersmom review of the movie:
I liked the movie a lot.  It has a lesson of forgiveness, friendship, and doing the right thing no matter what others think.  Kirra fought to save Willy when others were telling her to give up and there was no hope.  I liked the lesson in the movie.  I can not talk a lot about the other lessons without giving the movie away and I do not want to do that.  

You should watch the movie yourself.  Watch it with your kids so you can talk about it while you are watching it or right after watching it.

Buy it:  The movie was released March 23,2010


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  2. that's inviting ;) seen the first movie, and loved it. will definitely watch this and have my anya watch it too...she loves animals!