Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stolen Moments Menu Planning Review/Giveaway

Golfergirl starts school on Monday. I know that once schools starts our lives are going to be getting a lot more hectic. Her school starts at 7:15 this year. She will still have golf practice, Brownies, and I have agreed to help on the PTO at her school. I do not have time to think up new recipes let alone time to think what we are going to have for supper every single night of the week. Yes, I know that that would make life easier but like I said will not have a lot of time.

I was so glad when I got to review a new website Stolen Moments Menu Planning.

About the company:
Stolen Moments Menu Planning delivers fully personalized menu plans to your email inbox weekly or monthly. Each email includes a complete menu plan, recipes, a detailed and organized-by-department grocery list, bonus recipes, and tips and tricks to help you take advantage of stolen moments in the kitchen.

Stolen Moments Menu Planning is different from a lot of the other Menu Planning services because it catered to you and your families needs. To get started you will be taken to the Stolen Moments Menu Planning Personalization Survey. Here you will be asked questions such as:

How would you like your plans delivered? You decide if you want the menus sent to you monthly, Bi-Monthly and Weekly

How many servings would you like each meal to make? We have 3 people in my family but I wanted to have left overs so I asked for servings to feed 6.

Would you like your menu plans to include bulk cooking and freezer cooking recipes and plans? So if you are one that can cook a lot at one time and have the freezer space this would be awesome. I do not have enough freezer space for that so I chose no.

Please list any special cooking methods you use in your kitchen (ie. crockpot,pressure cooker, etc) and how often you use them. I do not really have any special cooking method.

Please list any foods your family does not like. We have an allergy to eggs so this was where I listed this. I just use egg beaters in place of the eggs.

Please list any food items that you would like to have included. Organic, types of cuisine, etc. I did not list any of these since I was trying to get some new ideas.

Please select the monthly grocery budget that best fits your family. This helps on making the plan since they need to know the budget to make the menu plan fit that budget.

Any thing else? Add any other information that you think would help in creating your menu plan.

There are 4 different Subscriptions to choose from.

Basic Plan-
  • Fully personalized and customized dinner menu plan, recipes and detailed & organized complete grocery list for every day of the month (Delivered to your inbox weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, per your preference.)
  • Bonus recipes in each email with ideas for snacks, desserts or other meals
  • Tips, tricks and ideas for making the most of stolen moments in your kitchen
  • Optional plans for bulk-cooking, leftover makeover and/or freezer cooking
Complete Plan
  • Fully personalized and customized menu plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner for every day of the month. Each menu plan comes standard with recipes and a detailed and organized complete grocery list. (Delivered to your inbox weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, per your preference.)
  • Bonus recipes in each email with ideas for snacks, desserts or other meals
  • Tips, tricks and ideas for making the most of stolen moments in your kitchen
  • Optional plans for bulk-cooking, leftover makeover and/or freezer cooking
Basic + Budgeting Bonus or the Complete + Budgeting Bonus:

The budgeting bonus provides sales prices of your specified, local grocery store on your weekly grocery list. It also highlights possible coupon match-ups that correspond with your grocery list. (Please note this service is only available for chain grocery stores that publish their ads online.)

Family Tested:
I love this service. I chose to have the menus come once a week. I have the Complete Plan where the shopping list comes with it. I love that each item listed for the week has a recipe that comes with it. Now I do not use every item on the list but I have found a lot of new and great recipes. If you would like to see our Menu list for the week of July 12 -18 please click here. The menu helps me to come up with something new and exciting for Golfergirl to eat. Our favorite so far is the

Unstuffed Peper Skillet Dinner ( that was on our July 26- August 1 menu)
1 pound of ground beef
1/2 onion, diced
2 carrots diced
3 large green peppers cut into chunks
Salt and Pepper
1 15 oz can tomato sauce
1/2 c. water
1 t. Italian seasoning
1 t. Cumin
3 c. fully cooked rice

1. Brown ground beef and onions in a large skillet. Drain. Add carrots and green peppers. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Cook for 2-3 minutes. You want the peppers to stay somewhat crunchy.
2. Stir in tomato sauce, water, Italian seasoning and cumin. Bring to a slow boil, reduce heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
3. Stir in cooked rice until heated through. Serve and enjoy. (or refrigerate and reheat in oven or microwave just before serving)

Golfergirl really liked this one. There are some very good ideas that come on this menu plan. I highly recommend giving it a try. I have tried more new foods since I have been receiving this plan. It has brought some life back into my boring same ol same o meals that I used to cook all the time. I print each of the menus off and place in a 3 ring binder so I can save it as a reference book later on.

Buy It:

Basic Plan: Regularly $9.95 on sale right now for $7.95 a month.

The Complete Plan: Regularly $17.95 on sale right now for $14.50 a month.

The Budgeting Bonus is an additional $12 a month.

Win it:
The great people at Stolen Moments Menu Planning have agreed to give 3(three) lucky readers a 1 month complete plan subscription. Is that not just wonderful.

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  1. I would love to win this!! I am a mom, wife, and college student and planning meals is sometimes a huge task. I know my family is sick of the "helpers" - lol.


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  3. I would so love to win this. My hubby is returning from Iraq in a few weeks and being without him for a year has definitely led me from the stove to the microwave or out to eat. This would be a big help to get me back in the groove!

  4. i need all the help i can get

  5. i would like to win this because we own our own business and never have time to eat at home because it takes to much time to plan meals in advance in order to buy the groceries and to find recipes etc. so we have just been eating fast food and gaining lots of weight. this has to stop

  6. I would love to win as I am a wife, mom of 3, beginning work 2 days a week this fall as well as homeschooling - I could use all the help I can get! Thanks for the chance to win!

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  8. Menu planning always throws me for a loop. With summer winding down and our homeschool year kicking into full gear, I could really use some help in this area! Thank you!

  9. I'd like this because it would take some stress off if it was all planned out in advance!

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  11. I have twin kindergartners this year and a toddler still at home... I really could use the help with meal plans that are kid friendly, frugal, and easy to make...

  12. I would love to try new recipes! With the kids going back to school, I will have more time to experiment in the kitchen. It would be great to receive new recipes directly to my email. Thanks!

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