Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kids Lunch Box Cards -Review

When Golfergirl started Pre-School, I started a tradition that has continued. On the first day of school I always wrote a note and placed it in her lunch box. When she would go to lunch, she would find the note. Then I would send a note other times during the year as well. I was not sure if this year she would still want a note since she was my "big third grader" ( insert Mom in tears here) Wednesday was her first day of school this year. She reminded me that I needed to write her a note this year. She said it made her feel like Mommy is with her. Now Mommy really was crying after that statement.
Mommy is having a hard time with the little girl growing up and all. To know she asked for a note meant a lot to me.

This year I had been asked to review KidsLunchBoxCards With these cards I got to write my note on the back and she had a fun little something to read on the front.

About the Company (from the website)
KidsLunchBoxCards are a super-fun alternative to the humdrum lunch-time napkin note. They revolutionize communication between moms and kids at that vulnerable time during a long school day. A special note that says...

Each day your child can open their lunch box and receive a card like this...

They scratch off the silver box to reveal the answer. The back of the card looks like this:

The cards can be placed in a child's backpack, lunchbox or sent as a post card. The cards come
5 to a pack enough for a weeks worth of cards. There are 6 different packs to choose from:
Camp Laughs, EEEWW, That's Gross, Real Looney Laws, Mystical Little People, It's a wacky world and Riddles
Mom and Golfergirl Review

I was sent two sets of the cards. Riddles and Mystical Little People. I was very impressed with the cards. They are bright, colorful and very sturdy. Golfergirl loves riddles so for the first day I used one of the Riddle cards. Golfergirl had no idea that I had the cards so it was a total surprise when she opened her lunch box. I love surprising her. I wrote a little note on the back just for her.

When she got in the car yesterday from being picked up, she said she loved the card. Now she did not realize that she was suppose of scratch off the silver box to find the answer. She had brought the card home to save in her special box so she was able to scratch the box off and find the answer.

I asked her if she thought other kids would like these cards and she said of course. Who would not love something from their Mommy. She is so sweet.

Buy it:
You can buy the cards for $3.95 to $4.95 a pack here.

Thanks Gina for the opportunity to review this product.


  1. my kids love little notes too! It's a great way to say I love you..
    Enjoyed visiting your blog.

  2. Awwww how sweet. Those little cards are adorable! I too stick notes in my kids lunches every once in a while.

  3. i am so glad you reviewed these! i have seen them and wondered if it took the "personal touch" away from mommy napkin notes. glad it still gives you a space to write something special :)