Monday, April 6, 2009

Yanni Voices Review

Yanni Voices would not be one of the CD's on my must have list, but that was the reason that I jumped at the chance when asked by One2One network to do a review. When I think of Yanni I think of candles and slow dancing, which is really not me. This time he was teaming up with 4 wonderful artists to sing along with his music. Yanni took 2 years to produce the collaboration with the four vocalists to create Yanni Voices.
I was surprised that I really liked most of the CD. I love Chloe the best. It is hard to believe with a voice like hers she is only 20. My favorite song was "Kill Me With Your Love" (Chloe). She has such a pure voice it is amazing.

I was not really into the classical music feel of some of the songs but overall it was a hit.

Yanni has teamed up with PBS. I have watched the DVD and I was very impressed watching them live. To see a blurb click here. For a schedule of when the show is airing in your area please check here.

The amazing Voices is going on tour. The show is coming to Nashville on April 22 and I am lucky that I am getting to go to the show. If you would like to see if Yanni is coming to a town near you please check the schedule.

I encourage you to give Yanni Voices a try. I did and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like it . If you give it a try I bet you would like it too.


  1. I have really enjoyed this cd too. Lucky you to go to a live concert!

    I found you from Follow Me Club - I am now a follower.

  2. I saw the commercial for it on PBS and I may just have to give it a listen, especially since you say you enjoyed it. But I still can't get over how Yanni looks nowadays! Where have I been? I can't believe he shaved off his trademark mustache and cut off his long hair! :-)