Thursday, April 16, 2009

Long Week

I have so much to blog about but this week has been so busy with Brookster that I have not had time. She went on a Field Trip Tuesday to the zoo, that she is talking about. We have had some teacher problems that I had to take care of. She has a first year teacher and I know that is very hard. ( I used to teach so I was a first year teacher as well) This teacher however never sends home grades so I never know what Brookster is doing. Brookster normally makes straight A's but I like to know if she is having problems with a subject before the report cards come out. Brookster missed a day of school last week and I asked for homework to come home so we could work on it. Today the homework came home with a note that it is due in the morning. I almost lost it. The note was dated today so I know that Brookster did not forget to bring it home. (which has happened in the past). Her homework tonight consisted of 12 pages of math, studying for spelling words and read a story in her reading book. It took us over 2 hours to do homework tonight. The math pages was the surprise. I am going to talk to the teacher tomorrow. 2 hours of homework is to much for an eight year old. It is to much for a 38 year old as well LOL. It just upsets me that the math homework should have been sent home way before tonight. She missed a day 2 weeks ago before spring break so she could have sent the work home during spring break and we would have a week to get the papers done. Maybe I am overreacting but I am very tired after helping her with all that homework.
Thought I would tell you all about it so I could get it off my chest before I talked to the teacher tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.


  1. Yep, 2 hours is too much. They'll just get overwhelmed. :(

  2. 2 hours of homework??? Hope the kids won't end up hating school.
    Thanks for the follow...can't wait to hear from you!