Friday, April 9, 2010

The First Easter Rabbit Review

The First Easter Rabbit

We love Easter in our house so when we got to review the First Easter Rabbit.  We watched it the night before Easter and Golfergirl loved it.

Synopsis: Academy Award winner Burl Ives narrates this fanciful, tuneful and color-splashed animated tale of the First Easter Rabbit.  That Rabbit is Stuffy, a cuddly toy who magically comes to life.  Stuffy goes to Easter Valley- an enchanted place where it's always springtime- where he hopes to bring the first ever basket of Easter goodies to children.  But a cold harden ice creature names Zero refuses to permit such happiness.  If he has his way, he'll freeze our Easter celebrations forever!

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Thanks Warner Brothers for letting us watch the First Easter Rabbit.

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  1. I really think that I should watch this. Where was I all my life? Haha. Thanks for sharing this. Happy Easter!