Sunday, November 8, 2009

God does answer prayers

As most of you know Golfergirl has a goal that she is going to be the next female Tiger Woods. She has had this goal since she was 5. She has been taking lessons since she was seven. She is now 9 and still has the same goals. We had some hard decisions to make this week concerning her lessons. Our budget has had to be switched around since I am not working and Christmas is coming up soon. We turned the problems over to God and he answered our prayers. To give a little history on the problem:

We have been members of the local county club for the past two years so Golfergirl could play golf and get lessons. The membership dues started out at 100.00 a month which was a lot even when I was working. It was worth it for her to be able to work on her dream. As a parent you always want to help you child with their goals. We however, got a notice in the mail last week saying the November dues were going up to 130.00 a month. That was just really out of our budget. Golferdad was like we have to drop this no questions asked. I was however like, what are we going to do about her lessons. It would kill her not to be able to do golf. She has already given up basketball and cheer leading in order to be able to do golf. I could not take golf away from her.

I decided to start calling some other courses to see if I could find another coach for her. I called Kenny Perry's Country Creek golf course which is only about 10 minutes from my house. The club was about 20 minutes from out house. My prayers had been answered. They had some one that gave lessons to Golfergirls age and came to the Country Creek every Thursday. She had been to his Golf Camp this summer and loved him but I did not know if I could afford him.
He only charges $30 for a lesson. Before we were paying $35 a lesson plus the membership fee each month.

We had our first lesson on Thursday. I was nervous as to how Golfergirl would respond to a new coach and a new place to play from now on. I was nervous for nothing. She absolutly loved it. She hit the ball better than she had in months. Her whole attitude changed. She has even sit up a practice schedule on when she needs to practice at home. She never did this the whole time she was working with the other coach. I have nothing against the other coach. He was a very very nice man but he just was not the person Golfergirl needed to help her. I am so happy that we made this decision and it has worked well for her.

It is hard in these economic times and trying to work everything out has been very stressfull but God was with us leading us down the path that we needed in order to meet our financial needs and Golfergirls needs to meet her goals. I am so glad that I turned everything over to God and he helped up. Thank you God for helping us thru this tough time.


  1. I totally understand!! We are going through hard times as well and I've wanted to put my kids in ski lessons this winter. Hoping to find something afordable. I've been thinking about golf lessons for my son as well! Prayers are answered indeed!

  2. God provides for our needs and He knew how much those lessons meant to your daughter (and to you, as a result). He's good even in tough times.

    So I'm just visiting your blog from MBC (the FM group)..and am so glad I did. I'm currently following you.

    I just started my blog and I'd love for you to stop by my page.

    Keep up the great work on your blog!

  3. I just love the lengths you're going to in order to help your daughter achieve her dream. My hubby thinks golfing is the perfect sport for girls. I probably should take notes from you!


  4. Good for your little golfer girl ~ Tell her to never give up! I didn't start playing until after I turned 40 ~ Wished I had learned earlier ~ but I love it now! And good for you as her parents to find a way to help her reach her dream ~ hope she appreciates what you do!! I have a website, a blog and also a Squidoo LENS which is mostly golf stuff - take a peek at: