Thursday, January 7, 2010

What does the Weather Man Know!!!!!

The weather man here in Northern Tennessee have been calling for 3-4 inches of snow for about a week now. They said last night when we woke up we would have at least 3 inches of snow. When we woke up this morning we had this:Not quite the 3 inches that was expected but enough for Golfergirl to have a snow day. The weather men around here never get it right. I get more scared when they say we are not going to get a lot of snow. That is usually when we get the 3 inches. LOL!! Oh, well Golfergirl is enjoying her day off. She will probably be off again tomorrow too since it does not look like the roads are melting very much. She is having a blast. It is hard to keep her inside today. Hope everyone is enjoying their day.


  1. seems like weather men are not so popular to the sun, rain and when they decided to cancel classes due to a typhoon, the sun suddenly goes up shinning. LOL.

    missing your visits dear! come see also my newly constructed earthy me

  2. Stopping in from MBC & the weathermen never seem to get it right for some reason, or close most of the time!

    Snow days are great though.

  3. Just be glad you are not in Canada right now!! I am ready to go out for round #2 of shoveling!

    New follower from MBC